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Education, Skills & Career

I am a career oriented & multi-talented person with strong technical, verbal & interpersonal skills. I have gained an extensive knowledge of digital marketing, social media, content management, digital graphix & website design through out my career.

Short Biography

I was born in Karachi in a small but well-educated family. I have been told since my childhood that getting good education is something very much important in life. That’s the reason i always gave top priority to learning and education. I believed that the process of learning does not stop till our death. A person who stops learning, stops growing. Based on this belief, i always tried to learn new things. However, i got failed many times but i never gave up and kept trying.

I am a tech savvy person from the beginning of my career. I have a passion for technology. That’s the reason i embarked my career in the field of Computer Science and learned Information Technology. I did professional certifications in Computer Graphics, Website Designing, Digital Marketing, Social Media Management, Content Management and Search Engine Optimization. I really feel proud that i am one of those people who never give up and prove themselves in their fields. I believe that when you have a will to achieve your goals no one can stop you in this world except one person that is You.

My biggest achievement was getting my MBA degree. As i had to do a full-time job while pursuing my degree. This taught me to prioritize my time, build great habits and stay focused on my goals. I’m proud of this accomplishment and I feel that what I learned is going to give me a big advantage in my career. Today, i have gained extensive knowledge of digital marketing, content management, social media, blogging, graphics designing, search engine optimization and website designing. I am also working as a successful freelancer and running my own blogs.

 I believe that rejections and failures are the stepping stones to success. We should use the failures as the opportunity to reflect, refuel and refocus. When we face failure, our truest potential is actually takes birth. And in that pain, we find our greatest power. Success is not built on success. It is built on failures, it is built on the frustration that i want to do something or want to be something. I think nothing is more satisfying than doing what you really want to do. But this is just beginning… the process of learning never stops. Just keep your fingers crossed that one day you will get your destination and remember…

“Every time we are being rejected for something good, we are just being redirected to something better.”


The Blogs I Own

Sams Recipe Club

Sams Recipe Club

Recipe and Cooking Website

This is my very first blog/website based on cooking recipes and blog posts. I am working myself as a creator, writer, blogger, designer and social media manager here.


Do It Urself Now

Do It Urself Now

DIY Projects Blog

I have created this blog for unique DIY projects and HOW TO articles. I have written many blog posts here. It covers almost every category of Do It Yourself projects and ideas.


Urdu Colors

Urdu Colors

Urdu Novels, Stories & Articles

I have designed this website for posting Urdu novels, blog posts and stories. This website is designed by me and i am also working as a social media manager here.


My Strengths

To identify and discuss about the strengths is difficult but after some brainstorming, i have found out few strong characterstics in me which i can call my strenghts. 


I think one of my strengths is diligence. When i commit to a task, i do whatever it takes to deliver it. I am diligent in setting up my goals and meeting them. I always focus on my tasks and complete them with full dedication, maintain a high quality of work, imposes own standards of excellence, work without supervision and follow up on own.

Flexible and Adaptable

I am able to change activities and priorities according to the new demands, always willing to learn new skills and knowledge, make a positive effort to accept changes, able to work and communicate effectively with different people, willing to work in diverse environments and to attempt new tasks.


I have always conceptualized integrity as a personal strength. I maintain confidentiality, provide complete and exact information, follow company policies and procedures, comply with regulations, maintain standards and ethics in the face of opposition and pressure. I always value honesty, commitment and trustworthiness. 

What I Do Best

Digital Marketing

Social Media

Content Writing


Graphics Designing

Website Designing

Audience Analytics


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