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This is what i have accomplished throughout my educational and professional life. Please have a look at the details of my expertise and skills.


Being a tech savvy and digital media person, I love to design and develop social media campaigns, creating digital content for the websites and blogs, making digital marketing strategies and managing digital campaigns to enhance the brand awareness.

I am a highly organized, hardworking and multi-talented individual. I am interested to work with the organizations that offer highly competitive and professional environment and a chance for learning and career growth.

These Are Skills We Can Take Wherever We Go in Life, No Matter What We Do.

Digital Marketing

I have expertise in creating digital marketing PPC campaigns on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

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Being a digital marketing professional, i am not afraid of trying new things, take chances and test everything. To enhance my digital marketing abilities, i have also completed my Google Adwords Certifications with a high score. Moreover, i am a Digital Marketing Certified Professional from IDM Pakistan. No doubt, these certifications not only have increased my knowledge about digital marketing but also given me confidence for initiating  and managing PPC digital campaigns.

I am good at all digital marketing platforms like social media advertising, mobile marketing, SMS marketing, email marketing, content marketing, visual marketing and video marketing. I have expertise in creating digital marketing strategies to optimize online traffic and tracking the conversions in numbers and percentages.

Social Media Management

I develop and manage content (Images, Videos & Text) for social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & Instagram.

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Being a Social Media Manager, i do planning and goal setting for posting content on social media platforms. I am highly motivated and talented person with experience and interest for getting connected with the customers. I keep myself connected with the online forums and have ability to communicate about the brand’s reputation in a positive and authentic way.

I administrate the development and publishing of the original and plagiarism free content, create content calendar for the social media platforms, ensure timely marketing campaigns and promote content with social media advertising.

Audience Analytics

Audience Analytics is the backbone of digital marketing. I do analysis on my audiences using Google Analytics and Facebook Audience Insights.

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Knowing your audiences is as much imporant as promoting your brand. I always give a top priority to collecting audience data such as their demographics (age, gender, income level) and psychographic information (hobbies and interests). I make extensive use of audience research to target the right customers for my brand or products.

I plan and manage detailed analysis about my audiences, create reports and presentations for client’s marketing data, analyze user engagement such as bounce rate and click through rate and target audience preferences and trends. 

Search Engine Optimization

I have expertise in optimizing website visibility in non-paid organic search engine results, improving rankings, boosting traffic and increasing brand awareness.

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SEO is just a method of making your website in a way that search engine understands. I work on both On-Page and Off-Page SEO. I develop content with search engine optimized keywords to increase website traffic, optimize landing pages, perform ongoing keyword research, analyse advertising links of competitors and build follow or no-follow backlinks for the website.

I have solid understanding of performance marketing, online customer acquisition and search engine algorithms. Being a modern SEO specialist, i always give priority to the quality content. I use search engine keywords on the relevant places in a website and take part in online forums to interact with SEO leaders. I can create HTML and XML sitemaps and robots.txt file for optimizing website in a professional way. 


Content Writing

I believe that “Content is the King”. I have expertise in writing creative, informative and plagisrism free content. 

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Content Writing is the base of everything we do and create on social media. The content you write can increase as well as decrease your brand awareness and ratings on the internet. That’s the reason, i do my best to write authentic and interesting content for websites and social media campaigns.

I have expertise in doing web based research and find out valuable information to write creative content that can convey good information. I have ability to get focused and to meet deadlines that helps me out to deliver quality content. The content i write is optimized, simple and original. 


I am an experienced Freelancer on Fiverr where i have been doing professional projects for around 5 years.

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Freelancing is a serious profession. This is where you become your own boss, you polish your skills and learn how to get the most out of your abilities. I have been working as a freelancer for last 5 years and after earning this amazing experience, i have become more professional. I have been dealing with international buyers and clients for a long time because of which i have got the exposure of working with the almost every type of clients worldwide.

On Fiverr, i am working as a Blogger, Content Writer, Graphics Designer, Presentation Designer, Video Editor, Website Designer and Social Media Manager.

Just click on the link below to view my official Fiverr profile, work samples and client’s reviews.

Website Designing

Designing a user friendly, responsive and eye catching website is an art. I design websites using the top CMS called WordPress.

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Designing is something that always adores me so much. Whether it is Graphics Designing or Website Designing, i do it with all my interest. I design websites using WordPress. It is the best Content Management System which has the largest market share. However, i also know FrontPage, Dreamweaver and other FTP tools for website designing but WordPress is the best among all. It provides a user friendly interface and the most amazing thing about WordPress is, It is compatible with many plugins, themes and addons.

I have designed many WordPress websites till now. I have expertise in installing WordPress on websites, setting up free and premium themes, installing necessary plugins, setting up addons and extensions, creating website logo and banners and writing engaging content for the websites. 

Graphics Designing

I design logos, brochures, presentations, website banners, eBooks, portfolios and e-cards using Photoshop and Illustrator. 

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Graphics designing is my passion. I love to play with colors and to make creative and innovative graphics. I have expertise in designing logos, website banners, advertisements, facebook posts, image editing, eBooks, presentations and brochures. I can work professionally both on raster (Pixel based) and vector (Path based) graphics. Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator are the tools which i use most of the times for graphics creation. 

To be a successful graphics designer, one should have creativity in mind. I am proud to be an artistic person by nature and that’s the reason i love to produce amazing and eye catching graphics with my creative and unique ideas. I have strong visual skills which i use to deliver the desired message, design layouts, select colors schemes and typefaces. 

Technical Expertise


Digital Marketing Certification

Google Ads Video Certification

Google Ads Fundamentals

Masters in Business Administration

Google Ads Mobile Certification

English Language Intermediate Course

Google Ads Search Certification

Google Shopping Ads Certification

English Language Pre-Intermediate Course

Google Ads Display Certification

Digital Sales Certification

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